Super simple signatures - legally signed blazing fast

Signaturely allows you to create a free user account so you may start using it immediately. This free electronic signature software integrates with cloud-based platforms such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive, to name a few, so you may access your documents and start signing. You can send up to three signature requests per month for free.

This free package also provides you with access to the audit log and history, along with notifications and reminders. That way, you can keep track of your document’s progress, and gently remind users to sign them.

Need to send more than three monthly requests? For just $10 per month, you can send an unlimited number of signature requests above and beyond the benefits included in the free account.

Signaturely was built to be cheaper, faster, and better than all other platforms. It’s that simple.

Looking for free templates? With our $15 per month business account, you’ll get not only an unlimited number of signature requests but also an unlimited number of templates. You’ll also receive team management and custom branding tools, so you and your team may create as many branded documents as you need.

This is perfect for any business as it allows you the ability to collaborate with multiple teammates working on a variety of templates simultaneously. You may also continue updating your templates without the need to delete old ones and you’ll never have to store templates as your business grows.

Creating online documents with Signaturely is very easy.

You begin by selecting whether or not the document requires a signature. Next, add a title to your document and import it, or use the included editor, to create it from scratch. Once you have your document ready, select the signees and, if necessary, assign which order they should sign it in, and create the display message that will be sent with the document. Finally, review your document and send it.

Signaturely will guide your signees throughout the signature process and allow them to create their own e-signature if they haven’t already.

Sign up for free to start using Signaturely today.