Descript adds new integrations with Castos and Restream

Descript just added new integrations for Streamers, Marketers & Podcasters

Now you can publish your Descript masterpieces with ease! The new integrations will help all types of content creators, from streamers to marketers to podcasters to export and publish content easily on major platforms. Start a free Descript trial here.


Descript and Restream are now integrated! That means you can make a video in Descript and drop it into your Restream broadcast with HD quality and seamless exporting. Live streaming can be stressful, which is why you can now play perfectly edited, pre-recorded content as part of your stream. Restream is a one-stop platform for simultaneous broadcasting on 30+ platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn, among many others.

Restream makes live streaming easy. Get all the tools you need for the perfect LIVE stream.

  • Customize colors & branding

  • Invite up to 10 participants

  • Stream to multiple social platforms

  • Showcase live comments on screen

  • Stream to 30+ social platforms at once with Restream.


Podcasters, you'll enjoy this one! The Castos podcast hosting platform allows you to publish your podcast episodes to all the major platforms such as Spotify and Apple. With Castos, you can host unlimited podcast shows and episodes, as well as members-only private podcasts.

Users of Descript receive 50% off any new Castos package for the first 3 months. Here is how you can get started.

Castos gives you the tools to grow your audience, and connect with your community.

Never run out of storage or bandwidth, no matter which plan you choose.

Publish as much content as you want for a fixed monthly price. Record longer episodes, test new styles or launch a second show without ever hitting a storage cap. Finally, let your inner creative genius run wild with Castos.


Wistia is a powerful and user-friendly hosting platform that comes with fully customizable video and audio players, easy embedding, channel organization, and insightful analytics for viewers. Users can now publish their projects directly to Wistia in just a few clicks - no more need to sign in multiple times or worry about computer space. It enables you to create, edit, and upload video, audio, and transcripts easily and quickly, so you can concentrate on creating content for your audience and building your brand.

Get Restream here.

Get Descript here.

Get Castos here.

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