Create an Online Store with Wild Apricot 

When running your organization, it’s important to think about managing your membership database, engaging with your members, overseeing events, and other critical pieces that go into the overall management of your organization. All of this should be easily managed on your membership software. However, most membership software only focuses on these key aspects, leaving you looking for other ways to build and grow.

For instance, creating an online store can be difficult for some when they have to look and set up complex ecommerce platforms that hopefully play well with their current software. Thankfully, there’s Wild Apricot; an affordable web-based software created especially for small associations and non-profits. Their software not only helps with the design of your website, but also manages membership, events, and store creation.

With Wild Apricot’s built-in online store, you can start listing products and accepting payments within minutes. They offer unlimited product catalogs, services or online resources right from your admin dashboard, an easy way to stay on top of stock levels, order payments, taxes, and more, all on the same platform as your membership management.

They also take the hassle out of managing store finances. All your store payments and refunds are recorded in Wild Apricot, so you can quickly search transactions or filter by details like date or tender type. In turn, you’ll be able to have all your finances in one place, which means easy reconciliation.

And don’t worry about your programming knowledge. Wild Apricot makes it easy to manage your store and customer journey with their Website Gadget. Offering a drag-and-drop design, this gadget can help you increase your sales by giving your customers a professional store experience with no redirects, and allows you to effortlessly design and customize your pages, images, and text.

Join over 30047 organizations using Wild Apricot and start listing your products today while managing orders directly from your membership software.